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Pool Construction Miami

Aqua 1 Pool Builders is committed to excellence in pool construction by offering homeowners the most value, because swimming pool installation is a great investment.

Improve your quality of life with a pool installation

The #1 reason to build a swimming pool is to improve your quality of life.

Swimming pools are not only the best place to enjoy time with family and friends but, swimming is good for your mind, body, and soul by combining physical activity with relaxation.

Part of improving your quality of life is by building a good quality pool.

Our good quality pools feature:

  •   Florida Building Code standards
  •   good building and finish materials
  •   built-in safety features
  •   commercial grade pool equipment
  •   efficient water circulation system
  •   easy maintenance
  •   fair and reasonable prices
  •   long-term pool satisfaction

getting started

Getting started on your new pool construction is easier than you think.

Step 1:   Budget, Site Conditions, Setbacks and Survey

The first step in building your swimming pool tropical paradise is by knowing your budget, site conditions, setbacks, and have a current property survey.

How much does a pool installation cost?

Starting costs for our pool installation not including pool deck flooring, depending upon location, access, and site conditions start at $47,995, the average cost of an inground pool installation in Miami costs an average of $54,995.

A complete pool project with a deck, material upgrades and/or custom features may cost upwards of $65,000 or more.

Smaller pools typically will be built into a small backyard with limited access and will often require small machinery, additional deliveries and staging, and additional manual labor to construct.

When average is not enough, there are endless options in designinng and building custom swimming pools that are only limited by your budget and imagination!

How do I apply for a loan?

You can Apply and get Pre-Approved for a loan to ensure you have all the financial resources to build the swimming pool you have always wanted, that not only becomes an asset but, your favorite place to be with your family and friends.

If you need a loan or financing for any part or for all of the swimming pool construction, click here to Apply and get Pre-Approved for a loan. Your tropical oasis will be closer than you think.

How to determine site conditions?

It is important to know the pool site ground conditions beforehand and the building setback requirements that may determine the size and construction composition of the pool.

To know what ground conditions you may expect to ecounter before you begin excavation, we recommend you do a sub-soil investigation or soil test by a geotechnical engineer.

A soil test for swimming pools involes drilling deep holes to extract core samples where the pool is to be built and having studies performed on the core samples to determine ground water conditions and the load bearing capacity of the ground that may or may not support the pool and water.

Why would I need a soil test?

We always recommend you do a soil test before you begin the pool construction project especially, if you need a loan or financing for any part or for all of the swimming pool construction.

If the pool requires de-mucking, de-watering, a thickend structure, or pilings, the additional cost can be substantial.

You don't want to find after you have taken out a loan and begun excavation that the pool needs to be de-mucked, requires de-watering or water control systems, or even pilings.

When you are that far along construction, if you do not have the financial resources, the cost for the additional foundation work can literally break your pool construction project.

Links to Geotechnical engineering companies that do soil tests for pools:

What are setbacks?

Setbacks are established distances, usually from the property lines and the house to the pool water's edge, that limit where you can and cannot build the pool.

The setbacks are usually determined by the Miami Dade County Zoning Department or by the municipality your home is located in.

Download Municipalites Map

Why do I need a recent property survey?

In addition to the setbacks, your property survey, which is a map of your property, may also show utility easements, show septic systems, or areas that also limit where you can and cannot build a swimming pool.

The property survey should be certified, which means it was signed and sealed by licensed surveyor. The certified survey means that as of the date of the survey everything as shown on the survey is correct and existing.

We need the survey to design and engineer the pool plans and the county or city need the survey to review with the pool plans to issue the permit.

When choosing the pool site with the conditions and restrictions and setbacks in mind you can figure the size and shape your pool while incorporating elements of your property that will compliment and add to your vision of the ideal backyard resort.

pool packages

Our pool packages feature the most popular pool design models

Step 2:   Swimming Pool Packages or Custom Swimming Pool Design

The second step to transforming any backyard into a tropical paradise after determining your budget, site conditions, setbacks, and you have your property survey, is to choose whether you will be purchasing one of our swimming pool packages or custom swimming pool design.

all pool packages include:

Because your pool has to last a lifetime...

  •   Design, Plans, and Permits
  •   Excavation and Removal of Dirt
  •   Fabric-Backed Steel-Tex 12 Gauge Wire Mesh
  •   Grade 60 Reinforcing Steel Rebar
  •   SHOTCRETE Concrete Shell
  •   Shallow Area Oversized Steps
  •   Deep Area Underwater Swimout Bench
  •   Backfill and Compaction
  •   Job Site Clean Up and Debris Disposal

Because your pool has to look good...

  •   Diamond Brite Pool Finish
  •   Waterline Tiles
  •   Bullnose Cap Step and Bench Edge Tiles
  •   Cement Bullnose Pool Coping
  •   GEM Pavers Systems - Cement Pavers Option
  •   Tumbled Travertine Pavers - Upgrade Option
  •   Tumbled Travertine Bullnose Coping - Upgrade Option
  •   Artistic Pavers - Upgrade Option
  •   Artistic Pavers Bullnose - Upgrade Option

Because pool safety comes first...

  •   Safety Low Voltage L.E.D. Color Light(s)
  •   Safety GFCI Electrical & Bonding System
  •   Safety Anti-Entrapment Drains
  •   Safety Vacuum Lock for cleaner piping
  •   NSF Certified Skimmer and Pool Piping
  •   energy efficient pump and filter system

Because pool maintenance and energy savings matter...

From the smallest backyard pool to the largest water environments, Pentair Aquatic Systems is the global leader in the pool industry through decades of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient pool products.

The SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pump and Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter System from Pentair brings remarkable energy cost savings with variable speed technology. Dramatically reduce energy costs by moving water more efficiently at lower speeds. You can save as much as 80%—up to $1,300 each year when compared to other pump systems.

what we have to offer

We build each pool as if it were going into our own backyard.

With over 28 years professional experience we have the design and pool construction expertise to build pools that have all of the features expected by today's homeowners. As traditional master craftsmen, we have earned every client and recommendation through good quality and honest work.

We take great pride in the quality of swimming pools that we build.

  • Our pools circulate better, are cleaner, evenly distribute water temperature, and cost less to maintain.
  • Our pools are safe for kids. Our pools have safety barriers, anti-entrapment systems and safety valve release systems.

We can honestly say that our pools improve the quality of life for our clients by giving them peace of mind that comes with a pool built by real pool professionals who have earned that title, one pool at a time.

swimming pool financing

build the swimming pool you have always wanted, ensure you have all the financial resources you need.

Step 3:   Get pre-approved for a loan and get the financing you need to build your swimming pool.

Since inground swimming pools are permanent structures that become part of your home for years to come, build it right the first time.

Aqua 1 Pools & Spas has partnered up with some of the best lenders to provide you with exclusive low interest rate and long-term swimming pool loans.

Get pre-approved today!

A Complete pool project may cost as much as $60,000 or more.

A Complete pool and spa combination project may cost as much as $80,000 or more.

Its always best to get pre-approved for a greater amount then scale it back based on your needs.

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